Pioneers Youth Leadership

Each school’s Pioneers program is made up of 10-40 students. The Pioneers are selected for the program based on merit and projected benefit of leadership training. There is no cost to any Pioneer participant for the program. Pioneers Youth Leadership, Inc. is a nonprofit Texas corporation with 501(c)(3) status. Each element of the Pioneers program emphasizes the development of ethical leadership and critical thinking skills so the students are better equipped to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing population, economy and political landscape of our state. Pioneers Youth Leadership’s mission is to help high school students realize their potential to make a positive change in their communities and sharpen their ability to be effective leaders. Throughout the school year, the Pioneers focus on core principles of leadership, and how they apply to successful, sustainable project management. Students research local water issues, entrepreneurship, their local economy, access to broadband, healthcare, mental health, quality of education, high school dropout rates, and other key issues. These topics are the basis for student-led projects done throughout the year. Since its inception, Pioneers has served over 300 students across 17 counties by providing a combination of classroom study and extracurricular events. Pioneers provides a state standards-aligned curriculum for a year-long class for which students receive a local or state elective credit. The students also receive training in leadership characteristics and styles as showcased by local leaders in education, government, and business. We invite you to join us in supporting these high school students in some of the most underserved areas in Texas. Through Pioneers, these young leaders will gain the skills to create a better future for themselves and the communities in which they live.