Licensed Massage Therapist Miami

Hassel Daniel Licensed Massage Therapist Miami While celebrities like Muhammad Ali, Diane von Furstenberg and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. flock to Hassel Daniel's gift of healing, you don't have to be on the A-list to receive this high quality—and highly custom—massage. Living and working in Miami has afforded Hassel, a licensed massage therapist with over two decades of experience, the opportunity to work with an eclectic group of quality-conscious clients who are focused on their health and well-being. He is constantly increasing his awareness of the latest information in the field, and uses his experience and intuition to determine an ideal bodywork program for each of his clients. Hassel is native to Trinidad & Tobago, and decided to pursue a career in massage and personal improvement after serving in his native country's military. His massages offer the sudden and immediate rejuvenation of both the body and the mind, and transform individuals from physical and emotional discomfort to one of health and wholeness. Because many of his clients are loyal to his physically strong, powerful hands and anticipatory touch, Hassel has developed an extensive client base almost exclusively from referrals. When he's not kneading away the stress and pain of Miami's finest, you can find Hassel weight training, spinning, practicing Bikram yoga or getting a massage himself. Specialties Hassel specializes in the treatment of stress areas for business and sports professionals. The root of stress affects a series of muscles in a systematic manner, so the approach for each client is unique. The objective, for Hassel, is to provide flexibility, normal range of motion without discomfort, and to assist the client as they return to their optimal level of physical ability. License MM # 14726 ( FL ) .