Madison Equestrian Center LLC

Madison Equestrian Center LLC was established by Ashley Cameron in 2016. She began her riding at the age of 7 in various disciplines, english, western and dressage. She competed successfully in all three seats for over 20 years. She has trained horses off the track and gave them new careers and she has rescued a few horses to give them a new outlook on life. Her passion and love for the horse makes this a wonderful opportunity for her to share her dream and to educate others on this great sport. Ashley graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Equine Business degree from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, at which time she competed on the IHSA team. Upon graduating a year early, she left her home town of Attleboro, MA and started an adventure she always wanted to do, which was working at the one of the best hospitals in the world-Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. There she worked with top vets and vet technicians learning about the foaling season, infectious diseases and post surgery care. She knows this industry is not just about riding and competing horses, but what goes on behind the scenes that so many people may never see or learn about. The equine industry is very large and she feels you can never stop learning. She encourages her students to absorb as much knowledge as you can, whether it is in a book, on a show, watching a clinic, watching your vet and farrier, or just being around the farm. She strives to make great horseman and horsewoman in this industry. She wants her riders to groom and tack their own horses, prep them for a show and really become a partner with their horse. She wants students to succeed and not by winning at a show, but learning about their horse and what it takes to keep them in great health and to notice when something is "off." "Horses should be fun and exciting whether you compete or not. It should not be to just go after a 20 cent ribbon, it should be the long term partnership, the goals you establish and achieve. The success you have when training your horse and not having someone else do it for you. Horses are amazing animals, you do not need thousands of dollars to have that partnership, you just need a passion, responsibility and the willingness to create it and understand it. " -Ashley Cameron