Casa de Yoga East

Casa de yoga is a locally owned and operated yoga studio and boutique. This space has been created for like minded individuals to grow themselves, inspire others, and affect our community. When a pebble is tossed into a stream, it changes the flow of the current forever. The change is small but has an impact that causes a ripple effect on the rest of the planet. Yoga gives us the tools to create that small change within us the in turn impacts everyone and everything we come into contact with. As individuals we can create a positive flow in our communities. We welcome you to come plant seeds with us to grow, inspire, and effect our community. casa de yoga offers a variety of yoga to fit everyone. Our instructors and dedicated and pationate teachers as well as avid practitioners with a 200 hour + YTT certification. Currently we offer Hatha,learn yoga, Vinyasa flow, heated power, ashtanga, restoritive, prenatal and post natal classes. MISSION: PLANT SEEDS THAT GROW AND CHANGE THE WORLD FOREVER. VISION: ELEVATE AND NURTURE LIKE-MINDED INDIVIDUALS