Hummer Off-Road Experience

Now you can rent a Hummer H1 and feel the rush of a 4X4 beast at our off road track where you go flying over dunes, speeding through turns, and pushing the truck to the max which will leave you breathless. We also customize H1 Hummers for customers all over the world H1 Widebody Conversions - Frame off Duramax Engine Conversions 45-60 day time frame- Armored packages - Interior Customization- Paint- FULL SERVICE and Maintenance and so much more LIKE NO OTHER Hummer H1 owners can bring their Vehicles to our test track facility and push their vehicles to the max. It is safe, fun, and close to your major Orlando destinations! • We have a fleet of 12 H1 Hummers, fully customized for your off roading experience • Our park features a variety of off road tracks for any level of experience • All our rides include a fully trained driver and safety restraint systems. • You can choose to go for a day of family fun, or for a true test of your off road driving skills


Come experience the thrilling fun of a true off-road driving adventure in FL. GO OFF ROAD! 855-4X4 RIDE

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