Sweeten CPA

Message: We at Sweeten CPA are both friendly and knowledgeable. Because we specialize in small businesses, we have a broad base of experience in helping firms with various issues, including QuickBooks help, accounting process design, income taxes, sales taxes, payroll taxes, property taxes, loan applications, budgeting, and business analysis. But because we are small, too, we really focus on developing relationships with our clients, caring about their problems, and finding solutions as quickly and painlessly as possible. Recently we've had several clients who were very far behind on filings with the IRS. We caught up their bookkeeping and filed all relevant returns, and monitored all correspondence with the IRS. We saved our clients lots of money in fines from the IRS by writing letters requesting abatement of penalties, and by helping them to meet the estimated tax deadlines timely. If you are in need of these accounting services, think of Sweeten CPA, where accounting doesn't have to be a sour experience!