Xplode Athletics

El Paso's #1 Sports Performance Program. Dedicated to the serious athlete. We design sports performance programs that enhance your athletic success. Attributes such as speed, strength, and explosiveness are often the difference between winning and losing. Equally as important, but often under appreciated, is your physical resilience, or your ability to stay healthy and in the game. Our progressive programs focus on building ATHLETES...not powerlifter...not Olympic lifters...not bodybuilders. We aren't just talking about it... We have results from the last 10 years that range from middle school to professional athletes. In addition to professional athletes from a variety of sports, we also host a nationally advertised NFL Combine Training Program that has prepared athletes from all over the country. Athletes, parents, school coaches, club directors/coaches are welcome to come in to learn more about our training philosophy. Please call 915-202-1162.