Ghost House Tattoo (Official)

Ricky Perez and Ghost House Tattoo: Ghost House Tattoo is owned and operated by Ricky Perez. Ricky has been tattooing for a little over 9 years. Ricky's first tattoo he ever laid on skin was at the tender age of 13. The home built tattoo machine he used then was made from a remote control car motor. From that day on he knew what he was to do the rest of his life. In 2002, he started his career at Flesh Tones in El Paso, TX. Opportunity rang, so he went to San Diego, CA and tattooed at Super fly Tattoo. A move to Los Angeles, CA took him to Body Electric on Melrose Ave. From there his talents took him to Las Vegas, NV. In Las Vegas he tattooed at Diversity Tattoo and Tattoo Heaven. Fate brought him back to El Paso, TX, and in 2008 is when Ghost House Tattoo was born. The influence that Robert Pho from Las Vegas, NV and Tattoo Mike from Chronic Tattoo in San Diego, CA brought to Ricky was forever recognized. Magnetic (traditional machines) vs. Rotary: Ricky has both types of machines, magnetic and rotary. Ricky has done hundreds of portraits with magnetic machines. Ricky has recently picked up a Dragonfly machine that is rotary type that is made in Switzerland. This machine is the top of the line rotary machines available on the market. The portraits that can be tattooed with this machine are unreal. The engineering that went into the Dragonfly is precise. No hit deviation exists, so the detail that can be added to a tattoo is more notable. Any tattooed shades are less oversaturated and real and colors very vibrant and uniform. At $700, this machine is the best tool on the market for the serious tattoo artist. Awards and conventions: Awards from several states (CA, NV, NM, & TX) are in Ricky’s possession. The award that he is proud of is the “Best Unusual, 1st place,” from the Body Art Expo, Los Angeles, CA on January 2007. The best tattooers, world wide attend this convention and to take a first place award is very difficult to obtain.