Backseat Beats

WHAT IS MUSIC & MOVEMENT? Parents know that shakers quickly become their babies’ favorite toys, and singing a lullaby will quickly lull their infants to sleep. What parents might not realize is that these musical foundations are changing their infant’s brain in ways that will benefit them throughout their lives. Psychologists and neuroscientists have conducted many studies with young children investigating the relationship between music and brain development, all of which suggest that early exposure to music increases abilities in many other areas, including math and language. Other research shows that newborns can discriminate between their native language and unfamiliar language by listening to pitch and rhythm. At 2 months old, according to one study, infants can remember brief melodies. And some experts say that fetuses as young as 35 weeks can distinguish between and remember different sounds. Music can benefit you, too. It has the power to lift your spirits, soothe your frayed nerves, and move you to dance. What better than enjoying a fun class, while working on your child’s brain development, fine motor skills, and bonding. WHY START AT A YOUNG AGE? The first three years of a child’s life are the most crucial for brain development. While a newborn’s brain is only 25 percent of its adult weight, by age 3, it grows dramatically and builds pathways and connections, called synapses, between its numerous cells. The synapses used for classical music are similar to those used for spatial and temporal reasoning, which are skills needed for math. Just listening to classical music can “turn on” the synapses. Now imagine creating it, or being a part of it at Musicalloons. We allow your children to participate at their own level. Children are not required to sit still, but rather they are encouraged to respond to the music environment. We have two types of age groups. Mixed age and babies. Mixed age allows siblings to be together, and promoted encouragement from the older kids. When a crawling infant is surrounded by toddlers who can have, the infant will be encouraged to do the same. PRIVATE LESSONS Musicalloons private instructors can help you or your child’s musical aspirations. Lessons are available for a wide range of instruments.