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Breakthrough anti-aging skin care, the gift of organic fruit. Now, science has unlocked the secret to longevity of select organic fruits and harnessed it in cosmetic formulas that increase the vitality of your skin's most valuable cells—the stem cells, which are key to your skin's regenerative powers. Adore Cosmetics Organic Innovation's new skin care line with Plant Stem Cell formula enriches your skin with the epigenetic factors of these resilient plant cells, enabling your skin's own stem cells to self-renew while slowing down the aging process. Plant stem cells protect skin stem cells Stem cells account for 2-7% of your skin's total cells, yet they're responsible for all of its ability to renew itself. As time passes and environmental damage mounts, they lose effectiveness—and skin loses its vitality. Plants also have stem cells, and some fruit stem cells act similarly to human skin stem cells. Which led scientists to ask, could these hardy plant stem cells be used to protect human skin cells from aging? The answer is, yes. When an extract of these organic plant cells was applied to ethically collected human skin stem cells and exposed to UV light, the skin cells experienced only a small loss of vitality—while half of those with no extract died. Human skin cells were also tested for premature aging due to cellular DNA damage. While those cells incubated with the extract neutralized the negative effects and increased their growth rate, the ones with no extract experienced a decrease in cellular growth. This same protective effect was proven again when a cream containing the extract was applied to the crow's feet area of clinical trial volunteers. Four weeks later, wrinkle depth was reduced by as much as 15%. Now Adore Organic Innovation brings the anti-aging properties of this breakthrough to you in a luxurious line of skin care products. Treat your skin to the anti-aging power of Plant Stem Cells with Adore Organic Innovation Offering the highest concentration of Plant Stem Cell formula available, combined with a rich blend of vitamins, essential oils, organic flower extracts and organic vegetable proteins, the Adore Organic Innovation skin care line restores healthy-looking skin by: Protecting your skin's own stem cells, the key to its regenerative ability Preventing UV stress and environmental damage. Delaying skin aging processes. Promoting vitality and longevity of skin stem cells. Adore Organic Innovation represents the most advanced breakthrough in anti-aging found in the beauty industry today. And it's yours exclusively to adore.


Adore Cosmetics Reviews for a company that represents the most advanced breakthrough technology in anti-aging found in the beauty industry today.

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