Madison Medical Associates

Madison Medical Associates, a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to pain care offering patients and providers renewed hope for relief from chronic pain. Chronic pain should be treated like other chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma or congestive heart failure. Chronic pain requires chronic treatment. The goal of treatment is to optimize management of the pain, as opposed to curing the pain. Effective pain management programs must provide pain care for patients and their families through the integration of medical, diagnostic and therapeutic services, functional rehabilitation, behavioral management and educational programs. At MMA, we provide compassionate, holistic, individualized care tailored to each patient’s pain. Our pain team believes that finding and addressing the root cause of your pain will achieve much better results than simply treating your symptoms. We incorporate elements from multiple treatment disciplines to manage and relieve your pain so you can return to your normal lifestyle. MMA focuses on providing quality care with the aim of restoring physical function while educating the patient every step of the way. MMA specializes in the treatment of various issues including, but not limited to the following, work injuries, arthritic pain, chronic pain, post-surgical pain, neuropathic pain and spinal pain. Whether your path is relatively new or if it has persisted for years we help bring quality back into your life.


MMA offers pain management, addiction treatment, sports medicine, primary care, cosmetic services, weight loss services, & more.

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