Achieve Charter Academy

Achieve Charter Academy is a member of National Heritage Academies. We believe in a structured academic environment. Our program will not only support state standards, but will provide a unique college-bound approach that delivers the specific knowledge and skills students are expected to master in each subject area and at each grade level. We share in your desire to develop a child’s heart as well as his or her mind. As a result, we’ve designed a unique moral focus program that works to support our parents’ efforts to instill character in their children by reinforcing and demonstrating universal virtues such as integrity, wisdom, courage, and respect. At Achieve Charter Academy, parents will be an integral part of their child's elementary and middle school education. In many ways, they are as important as the teachers themselves. Our environment will encourage parents to take an active role in partnership with the school. *** Disclaimer *** The administrator reserves the right to edit or delete any comments submitted if they: • Appear to be spam or questionable spam • Include profanity • Contain language or concepts that could be deemed offensive • Attack a person individually