BMF Customs

At a very young age I began fabricating and customizing everything I put my hands on. What started with model cars and bicycles, quickly turned into the likes of a Go-kart capable of 100 miles per hour. That was at the age of 13 with a little help from a 420 KDX Kawasaki engine of course. I would say motorcycles have always been my inspiration but honestly that is only the beginning of it. With this foundation, in 2001 I created BMF Customs. Whether its the burnt rubber and white smoke, or throwing gravel and mud. From the smell of gasoline to the mix of oil and blood. BMF Customs has you covered. We specialize in any and all customizations, from the eye candy to the high performance parts. If we can help you make it more eye catching or faster I would love to be a part of your project. Dreams can become a reality, and that is just what we are out to prove here at BMF Customs.