Annie's Artist Lookbook

I'm a natural born collector, and I love to go to art events to shop and discover. Camera in hand and usually a fellow art admirer in tow, I am looking less to buy and more to add to my list of artists that have opened the door to new viewpoints. As this collection has grown year to year, it occurred to me that some of you might find the work of these creators equally intriguing. Thus, the idea for a "virtual lookbook" came to be. The artists and crafters I have chosen to showcase here standout for their individual vision and skill. I find them inspiring, not as concepts to copy but rather as examples of how wonderfully vast and varied art can be. True Art is an absence of boundaries... across Subject Matter, Technique, Material, Use of Color, Use of Lighting, Combinations and Juxtapositions. Feel free to flip through these "pages" of artists' profiles in search of your own inspiration. And if you find that I'm missing someone great, I welcome you to send their name my way. I'm always looking for new and fabulous finds to uncover. Thanks, and please enjoy!