Blazin' Auto LLC Professional Auto Repair, Auto Detailing & Reconditioning

Blazin' Auto LLC Professional Auto Repair, Auto Detailing and Reconditioning we specialize in Reconditioning Used Vehicles, inspecting, repairing and detailing for Private party individuals, Dealers, Fleet accounts and wholesale. We offer Auto repair at low costs, low labor rate and no parts mark up. Over 15 years of experience, we use professional tools, equipment and supplies, we are located on Madison's south East side. We do maintence work, we also do minor to major repairs, inspections, oil changes, transmission service/ flushes, coolant flushes, front and rear differential services, transfer case service. fuel system service, fuel injection service, fuel flushes, carbon treatment, replace fuel filter, fuel pumps, fuel tanks, tune-ups, replace spark plugs, replace spark plug wires, replace coil packs, replace distributor, distributor cap and rotor, timing, replace air filter, cabin air filter replacment replace timing belt, replace timing chains, replace drive belts, replace tensioners, coolant system service, replace radiator, replace heater core, water pump, thermostats, intake gaskets, head gaskets, coolant flushes, heater core back flush engine replacment, transmissions, clutches, differentials, transfer case replacment exhaust system, replace catalytic converter, flex pipes, mufflers, manifolds, etc. suspension, ball joints, control arms, tie rods, steering gears, sway bars, shocks, struts wheel and tire replacment, wheel bearings pressed and bolt on, cv axles, drive shafts, u joints Brake service, replace pads, rotors, calipers, drums, shoes, brake lines, ABS system, wheel speed sensors, ABS motors electrical etc. Electrical, Service Engine lights, ABS light, tire monitor lights, AIR bag light, blower motors, bloorkwer resistor, window motors, window regulators, window switches electrical etc. lock actuators, HVAC systems, bulbs, stereo/ entertainment, misc. electrical Starter/ Charging systems, alternator, batteries, starters, fuses, relays, modules, computer We do professional auto detailing, hand wash and clay bar exterior, 3 stage polish, clean and shine tires and wheels, clean wheel walls, degrease engine bay, Clean exterior glass, vacuum interior, cargo and trunk areas, clean all leather and vinyl, clean all corners and crevasses, shampoo carpets and seats, apply leather vinyl conditioner to all vinyl and seats, clean all interior glass. All details are done with extreme attention. We take a lot of pride in our w!