StreamText.Net provides realtime streaming text services that are used to provide accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing. We are a primary technology service provider for transcription providers but we also work with many end users. We do not sell writing services but we are the technology that is used to deliver them. Founded by Anson Goldade in 2003 to service the growing market need for accessibility and text streaming services. CART service providers were the initial users of our technology and over the years this has expanded to include web captioning, conferences, legal proceedings and Adobe Connect Pro meetings . Our goal has been to deliver a high value solution at a low cost that is easy to use. Our end users may be a student, corporate employees, a meeting attendee, web cast viewer, legal expert or any other person who needs to view realtime text of a live event. Our services are delivered to many leading universities and collages, high schools, fortune 500 companies, legal events and government functions. StreamText can also be embedded in almost any web application providing a very effective accessibility OEM solution. We listen to our customers and will continue to deliver high quality solutions. Partnership and customer service are key principles we use as the foundation for our company. StreamText will also continue our efforts to drive for open standards for the industry and open up accessibility for everyone.


Welcome to the StreamText.Net page. StreamText is the leading internet based realtime caption platform. Please feel free to discuss StreamText.Net applications and experiences. Support: [email protected] 608-234-4759