Spindle Design Co.

Spindle Design Co. is based out of Austin, TX, offering a fresh artistic approach to home design, custom window treatments, room makeovers, remodel/renovations, home staging, film set design, and more. Owner, Autumn Bouakadakis, is known for her eclectic style and unique use of color, light, and shade. She works one-on-one with each client, offering a personalized approach to each project. Autumn mostly enjoys helping each client discover their own hidden styles in a laid-back atmosphere, finally making your house a home you WANT to live in. Specializing in but not limited to: Modern + Farmhouse + Shabby + Eclectic + Tuscan + Traditional + Victorian + Contemporary + Luxury + Custom Spindle Design Co. offers all home design selections, paint palettes, interior decorating, layout assistance, and beyond. We know how to make your home flow from room-to-room. If you are overwhelmed by all the choices in design, or would just like someone to bounce your selections off of, email Autumn directly! [email protected]