EnviroTestKits® is a division of Environmental Laboratories, Inc. (ELI). ELI is an EPA certified drinking water testing laboratory. EnviroTestKits® distributes and sells drinking water test kits under the brand names of EnviroTestKits® and Safe Home® EnviroTestKits® and Safe Home® brands are being sold in Big Box Stores, Catalogs and Online. You may go online at to view our selection of drinking water test kits. Orders placed on our website before 1pm EST, are shipped the same day. Revenue (through an annual donation) from the sale of each Safe Home® brand drinking water test kit, is provided to specific organizations with clean water initiatives and educational outreach regarding safe water, both in the USA and around the globe.


Safe Home Drinking Water Test Kits were specifically designed for the general public. Testing your water can provide your family with peace of mind about your water.

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