HRI Services Inc., Restaurant Brokers

HRI Restaurant Brokers “Confidential Offering Program” can maximize the value of your restaurant with our 35 page “Offering Synopsis.” Business Statistics, Current Menu, Financial History, Facilities & Equipment, Lease, Valuation, Demographic Profile, Location Maps, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Prospective Buyer Statements, HRI knows the Buyer’s requirements. Our “OFFERING SYNOPSIS” includes twelve sections, from Financial History, Business Statistics, to Valuations and Demographics – all the information buyers need.There is also an equipment list, photos and a copy of the lease. HRI will qualify the Buyer right away. It is important to know the financial strength and business skills of an interested buyer before you give out confidential information on your business, or invest a lot of your valuable time with them. HRI will create a catalog of equipment and appliances. This catalog of information will include maintenance schedules, along with maintenance contracts. When buyers see items that need fixing, they often wonder about the condition of things they can’t see. Sometimes the smallest detail will turn the buyer away. HRI will present you in the best possible light. HRI will prepare an “OFFER TO PURCHASE” agreement. Included is an ernest money deposit and up draft of a Purchase Sale Agreement for the Buyer and Seller’s Attorneys. By being prepared right from the start both you and any potential buyer can move quickly when an offer is made. HRI will confirm your leases. We will make sure your location and equipment leases are transferable before you look for a buyer. Many potential sales have fizzled because lessors refuse to assign a lease. TIP: If your remaining lease period is short, negotiate a new lease prior to selling. HRI will get everything in writing. We will get a deposit with any offer. We do not accept verbal offers. We will make sure that all the correct procedures are followed and are in writing. HRI, with over 30 years in the Restaurant Brokerage Business, has developed a large network of qualified buyers, and therefore can connect your restaurant with a network of “qualified active buyers” in as broad an area as possible.