Joy Care, Inc.

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22 (ESV) Joy Care, Inc. is unique because we offer the benefits of skilled individuals who provide attention and services that maximizes the independence and safety of our clients. Every session is individualized to help each client meet his or her personal goals. Joy Care, Inc. strives to keep clients as active and mentally alert as possible. While we are not a therapy service, we are much more than a traditional sitter service. Joy Care, Inc. can help maintain the emotional well-being of our clients and help improve quality of life. Attention is given to the following areas: life skills, promotion of an active lifestyle, mental alertness, companionship, organization, and education. Life Skills: Feeding, grooming (taking care of nails and hair, applying makeup, and maintaining proper oral care), dressing tasks, educating clients in safety within the home environment, light cooking, and managing home tasks. Promotion of an Active Lifestyle: Encouraging clients to get up and be active, taking clients on walks, gentle exercises, and engaging clients in activities to encourage movement. Mental Alertness: Playing cards and using activities to help increase attention, concentration, problem solving, alertness, sequencing, and memory; engaging in games to stimulate thought processes and provide interaction with others; and helping clients adjust to their current living environment. Companionship: Assisting with letter writing; reading books, magazines, etc.; reminiscing about the past; listening and engaging client in meaningful conversation; and improving self esteem through crafts and hobbies. Organization: Eliminating clutter to reduce tripping hazard, sorting and filing mail, managing trash and throwing away junk mail, writing appointments on calendar, and organizing closets and drawers. Education: education with emphasis on fall prevention and education including ways to simplify tasks and conserve energy. We are not a therapy provider and do not bill through Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance. Our services do not require a physician's order. We are not a "sitter service" because our staff will actively engage our clients in activities in order to improve their quality of life. Joy Care, Inc. is licensed and bonded by Western World. Jennifer Bird is a licensed and registered Occupational Therapist with more than fifteen years of experience treating the geriatric population. Upon graduation from the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jennifer began her career at Methodist Rehabilitation Center where she gained experience in treating victims of strokes and brain injuries and orthopedic surgery cases with emphasis on hip and knee replacements, amputees, and generalized weakness clients. Following her tenure at MRC, Jennifer found her true passion caring for the geriatric population in various assisted living facilities. She has served as an Occupational Therapist, and she has also been a Director of Rehabilitation Services. Jennifer is committed to providing quality, individualized care that enhances the lives of those whom she serves. Joy Care, Inc. only hires qualified individuals who have experience caring for and working with the geriatric population. Our primary goals are to enhance the quality of life of each client and to bring joy to his or her life.