Ichiban Solutions and Consulting Inc.

A business solutions company offering you a complete suite of services, such as software development, accounting, payroll, tax preparation and business consulting services. TECHNOLOGY WORKIG FOR YOU!!! Software Development, Tax Preparation, Accounting, Payroll and Business Consulting Services... Our team offers you a diverse and complete suite of services for individuals and businesses. Need a web or mobile app, customized software solutions, we can help. Furthermore, we We prepare financial statements, business plans, startup and formation of business entities (Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, Corporations and nonprofits), operating agreements, corporate bylaws, payroll, tax preparation for businesses and individuals. We can take care and manage all of your company's book keeping and accounting needs. We also offer a wide variety of services such as Translations; Job Search, Resume and Cover Letter Creation/Polishing; Business Cards, Business Plans, Business Performance Analysis; Computer Repair Services; Help in Selling or Buying Items Online, E-Commerce; Help Filling Out Any Kind of Forms (Public Benefits, Welfare, WIC, Food Stamps, Unemployment, Passport), Immigration Forms, Legal Services Referrals, Professional Services Referrals; Tenant/Landlord Assistance; Computer/English/Spanish Lessons, Tutoring; and Much More! We stand ready to assist you overcome any challenge, guide you in reaching your full potential and help you succeed in your endeavors. We thrive in utilizing the latest technologies, frameworks, concepts and methodologies and always being innovative in finding and implementing the best possible solutions to your challenges...


Our team offers you a diverse & complete suite of Software Dev., Tax Prep., Accounting, Payroll & Biz Consulting Services for businesses and individuals.

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