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Master Thomas Gohring discovered the martial arts in eighth grade and was immediately fascinated. He saw every Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movie, read books, and memorized fighting principles. He began training in Kung Fu at a local school for two hours, three nights a week, and then spent every free moment practicing and play-fighting with his best friend. Under his first teacher, he spent three years working through the fundamentals of six major styles of Chinese martial arts. Wing Chun, simple and effective, was Bruce Lee’s original style. Xingyi is a powerful and explosive style that simultaneously attacks and defends. Hung Gar Tiger-Crane, with its low stances and powerful hand techniques, builds strength, and the Taoist Bagua circle-walking teaches evasiveness. Mizongyi, a Northern Shaolin “long-fist” style, is characterized by leaping kicks. And from the subtle and beautiful Wudang art of Tai Chi, Master Gohring first encountered the arresting idea that ultimate power comes from a calm and focused mind. Along the way, he also sampled some of the martial arts of other countries: Japanese aiki-jujitsu, with its throwing and joint-locking techniques, Western boxing, Brazilian jujitsu, Filipino stick and knife fighting, and karate. At the end of his junior year of high school, he was awarded his first black sash. His training already had breadth; at this point, he would choose one art to study at greater depth. Without question, he would choose a Chinese martial art. But which one? Read the rest of the story here:


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