Nellie's Nummy Nook

As part of our Mission Statement we strive to succeed. To bring back Grandma's good ol' fashioned recipes. No fake, processed, or imitation ingredients. No preservatives added to make it sit on a shelf for months. We ALWAYS bake our items Fresh with real ingredients. SO get ready. this is what we do and love. What is our passion? To make you smile ear to ear with the nummies melting in your mouth! We are a small at home bakery now hoping to grow into something much bigger...An official bakery shop. We need your help and support to get there. we have been in the food/beverage industry for over 11 years. Working really hard is what we do best. Baking delicious nummies for your tummies. We have to start somewhere and now is the time. Every order is made fresh. There are never any preservatives in our nummies. If your foods have more than a handful of ingredients then we shouldn't be eating them. Our ingredients are always the best of best, fresh and delicious!