Liberia Medical Assistance Foundation

VISION Mr. Napoleon Gbalah, Founder and Visionary, seeks to assist impoverished areas of Liberia in ways that foundations, corporations, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations and individual donors can share. His vision is to provide many of the necessary medical supplies, equipment and medicines, everything from X-ray machines to antibiotics to the people who desperately need them, in his native land, Liberia. NEED Every Liberian has been impacted by deaths caused by lack of adequate medical care. Everyone either knows someone who lost a friend or family, lost someone themselves, or has heard similar stories of death in local hospitals. The trend continues today. Many Liberians continue to die of illnesses that appear so minor that with proper medical attention, their lives could have been saved. Many of you will attribute this phenomenon to the poor quality of health care, and you are correct. No one will deny this as a contributing factor, but there is another equally and critically important component that must be factored into the equation: The “where” or locations of facilities for care. This component accounts for where care is delivered. Quality care and quality facility are interdependent and cannot be separated. If a community lacks quality health care facilities, in this case good hospitals, quality care is compromised.