Exfuze Life & Health

At eXfuze, our mission is to enrich the lives of people all over the world through improved health and prosperity. By creating the most effective, nutrient-rich, multi-botanical products the world has ever seen, as well as offering a dynamic home-based business opportunity, eXfuze is perfectly positioned for success in today’s volatile economy. eXfuze was born out of a desire for our Founders, Rick and Don Cotton, to help their ailing father, who had been diagnosed with a life threatening illness. When traditional medicine proved ineffective in their father’s recovery, Rick and Don started him on a regimen of natural ingredients from around the world that have long histories of promoting wellness. As a result of taking these extracts and botanical supplements, their father was able to maintain a healthy life for a number of years. Rick and Don realized that if they could make the expensive extracts that saved their father’s life affordable for the average consumer, they would not only have a revolutionary product, they would have an amazing business opportunity for anyone who wanted to supplement their income or build their own business. eXfuze is the culmination of 100 years of extensive scientific research working with the purest botanicals nature has to offer. “eXfuze is truly a best of breed company,” said CEO Don Cotton. “Simply put, we are the best of science and the best of nature FUZED together for optimum health and wholeness. We also have the best compensation plan of any direct selling company, offering multiple income streams.” eXfuze offers products in the weight management, activity and longevity markets – three of the largest growing consumer segments in the world. “We offer an amazing opportunity for financial freedom, independence and the chance to be a hero to yourself, your family and your community,” said Paul Morris, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President. “eXfuze is not just a company that offers great products and an amazing business opportunity,” says Founder, Rick Cotton. “eXfuze is a purpose-driven company with a mission to change the world for kids.” Currently, one percent of the gross revenue from eXfuze goes directly to VivaKids to meet the basic needs of children. “There is no better time than NOW to get involved with eXfuze,” said Renee Page, eXfuze Marketing and Branding Director. “With exponential growth in Japan and southeast Asia, and exceptional opportunities for growth in the United States, Canada and emerging markets, eXfuze will become a household name.” So, it’s time to stop your excuse and start your eXfuze!


Helping others EXPERIENCE LIFE AGAIN through pure phytonutrients! EXFUZE can change your life & health while providing life changing support to Viva Kids.