Raw Fitness & Nutrition

Welcome to my Health and Wellness Hub – Raw Fitness & Nutrition. This is where I share my knowledge and my passion to help educate about living a complete life of health and wellness. I have done many things in the past that have lead me to where I am now, some of them I'm not so proud of, including my tireless effort to become 'skinny', I, like many many many other females I know, have lead most of my teenage and adult years in the search of becoming comfortable in my own skin. I have tried many many many different "diets" in my seemingly never ending search, including low calorie, macros, low carb, no carb, no dairy, meal replacements, meal skipping, lemon detox diets and I'm sure many others over the years. What I have found is that I could not stick to any of these!!! Not one, therefore in my own head I saw it as "failing", which was no good for my body or my self esteem. Then the next Monday that would roll around I would begin the cycle again. The main focus in my life in the last 10 years has been everything that has gone into my mouth and the exercise I have needed to do to work it off. A little while ago I reached a turning point, its like something changed inside of me, I was tired of constantly having this internal battle and feeling of guilt, I have come to the realisation that I am an amazing person who has accomplished amazing things and I want to help others realise that about themselves too. No more comparisons to anyone! We are all individual and thats whats awesome! You will never hear me talk about calories, cutting out whole food groups or starving yourself to achieve your goals. My approach is a lifetime approach, and one that helps create and maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come! If you want some chocolate, have some, just not the whole block! Anything in moderation. I try to share with people that you cannot be perfect 100% of the time and its about picking the most nutritious option with what you have, not looking at a menu and thinking "I can't have this". So please like and share my page, lets live a longterm happy and healthy lifestyle that is full of happiness and is guilt free! I once read a quote that has stayed with me, “if you want to be happy, help someone else”. I want to share my passion with you and help you to achieve your goals, whatever they might be!