AGAPE of North Alabama

Providing children a place to call home Since 1969, AGAPE has helped thousands of children by providing short- or long-term foster care and, with the right opportunities, adoption for babies and children. Working with birth mothers, prospective adoptive parents and foster parents, we strive to make the connections that create families. Dedicated professionals ensure stability and security Over the years, hundreds of foster parents, working with AGAPE, have provided shelter, along with love, stability and security, for the children placed in their care. Today, our dedicated foster parents continue to be trained and supported by full-time foster care professionals who have access to a full range of resources and services. A “forever home” AGAPE has also placed many children in carefully screened and selected Christian adoptive homes. Some of these children were placed because adoption was the plan of choice. Others were in foster care and, when a return to their natural family was deemed impossible, adoption was chosen as a means of giving the child the stability of a “forever home.” Assistance … a little, or a lot In addition to its childcare outreach, AGAPE has focused on meeting the needs of hundreds of birth mothers who sought our assistance. Whether providing support during the emotional journey of placing a child in an adoptive home or simply training classes or mentoring for a new mother, AGAPE continues its longstanding tradition of offering ongoing support and assistance to birth mothers during and following their pregnancies. Working to improve the quality of life for those in need Since 1969, AGAPE has assisted individuals and families through thousands of hours of Christian-based counseling by licensed counselors. Their goal, to improve the quality of life for those needing help, has never wavered. We have provided assistance for many situations, throughout all stages of life: the recently widowed struggling with grief, an adoptive family dealing with an attachment disorder, a teenager facing identity problems, or a couple wanting to communicate on a deeper level.


AGAPE exists to serve children and families in a spirit of Christian hope and love. We strive to make a difference by giving life the words of James 1:27.

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