At CRV USA, we connect dairy herds with the specific goals of the dairyman. For the premium milk producer, our proven genetics sire the kind of cows that make milk containing more protein and butterfat, allowing producers to pocket more money with the same number of animals, and do it in the most responsible way. For the larger, high-volume operation, we deliver robust cows that stay healthier, live longer, reproduce better and are less costly to maintain. For the grass-fed dairy cow niche, we offer genetics that have been tested in grazing systems all over the world. With origins from classic grass-fed settings like New Zealand and Ireland, many of our bulls are ranked at the very top of worldwide indexes for dairies built upon grass. Basically, we can enhance the operation of any dairyman who is driven by a single-minded purpose. Who understands that his biggest assets are the animals coming into and out of his milking parlor every day. Who recognizes that his herd’s genetic makeup isn’t just a part of the equation he uses to reach his goals. It is the equation.