Practice Management Associates LLC

Practice Management Associates (“PMA”) is a full service healthcare consulting firm specializing in improving operational efficiencies for dental and medical practices resulting in top-line revenue growth, and more importantly, bottom-line earnings growth. Our clients get great results. A brief summary of the services offered and key staff members is below. For more information, call Mr. Waqas Jilani at 734.224.4230 (cell) or visit our website at: PMA uses a standardized consulting model comprised of three stages. In the first phase, assessment, the client’s areas of concern are examined carefully to determine next steps. Tools used in this stage include surveys, metrics review, flow charting of processes, policy and procedures review, and staff interviews. Once an accurate assessment has been performed, and a list of problem areas indentified, the next step is development of a customized program to address each of the areas of concern. The final step is program implementation. Baseline metrics are established, and progress is measured against the baseline towards mutually agreed upon targets.


A consulting company that helps doctors grow their practices, make more money, and reduce their stress. We are "Turnaround Specialists." Call Waqas Jilani at 734.224.4230 for more information.

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