Angelina Rose : Experience Creator

Available for lessons, workshops, LED, fire and day performances. Angelina started her journey into the arts at the age of 3 with ballet classes and expanded into pointe, modern, and hip hop as well. She also picked up playing some musical instruments including the cello, piano, and flute. As the years passed Angelina began to take dance and music very seriously; this led her to audition and be accepted into The School for Creative and Performing arts. There she studied all facets of the performing world including dancing and acting. Sadly a knee injury brought dancing to a halt and for almost 5 years Angelina thought her dreams would never happen. Then almost 10 years ago now she saw a girl dancing with a hoop at a show and it changed her life. Years later after finding hooping, Angelina has worked her way up to becoming a fulltime Hoop performer, from Festivals to The Wizbang Circus to private/corporate events, teaching hooping, becoming a choreographer and stage performer. Angel has put every second of every day into spreading her own passionate unique combination of dance and light painting throughout the United States and beyond. Her Mission is simple, Inspire and stay inspired. Choose to be inspired.