Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health

SERVICES & TREATMENT FRONT DOOR/INTAKE Assessment is the first step in the process to determine if there is a problem and the appropriate plan for treatment. The legal guardian of a minor child, or an adult age 18 or older, requesting services contacts Front Door. An initial screening will be conducted to determine urgency and appropriate next steps. Please call 330.454.7917 ADHD CLINIC The recognition that Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) tends to be over diagnosed, misdiagnosed, or carelessly diagnosed was the driving force behind the development of our world best practice approach to diagnosing this disorder. Our agency also provides ADHD treatment, along with offering community workshops and education on the disorder. The ADHD Clinic serves school-age youth experiencing difficulty paying attention, completing tasks, increased activity level, and /or impulsive behaviors. Our highly trained staff utilize interviews, psychological testing, behavior rating scales, and direct observation to formulate accurate diagnoses and treatment interventions. PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT & CONSULTATION SERVICES (PACS) Using the most current and empirically supported measures and techniques, our highly skilled team of assessors provides through and comprehensive evaluations for a wide array of problems that may be experienced by children and their families. These include, but are not limited to: depression, Bipolar Disorder, anxiety disorders, PTSD, behavior problems, ADHD, learning and/or cognitive problems, developmental delays, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. After gaining a better understanding of a child’s specific struggles, our findings are documented in a report, including extensive recommendations, that is reviewed with the family and other child serving systems with parent permission. INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY THERAPY PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES Our psychiatric team, in collaboration with Akron Children’s Hospital, our team is comprised of child psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. They provide a full array of comprehensive, integrated psychiatric services for children and adolescents including the latest psychopharmacologic medications. TRAUMA FOCUSED DAY TREATMENT (TFDTX) TFDTx is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary program, combining trauma treatment (individual, group & family) with special education for students who have experienced trauma and suffer from severe emotional &/or behavioral disturbances. The skills obtained assist the students to be more successful at home, in the community and in traditional school settings. EARLY CHILDHOOD PREVENTION, CONSULTATION, & TREATMENT Early Childhood services include evidenced-based programs like Incredible Years/Dina Dinosaur School and Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). A parenting specialist and developmental pediatrician are also available. Research has shown the benefits of prevention, early identification and treatment. Specialized staff provide consultation and interventions at child care centers, school and in homes across the country to ensure our youngest customers get the service they need as early as possible. CHILD AND ADOLESCENT TRAUMA TEAM (CATT) This innovative, trauma-focused department serves children, adolescents, and families who have experienced any type of traumatic event, including, but not limited to, sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, exposure to violence, or loss of a loved one through illness, tragedy, or placement. Our skilled and experienced staff are trained in evidence-informed and evidence-based treatments such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Trauma and Grief Component Therapy (TGCT), Trauma-Focused Coping (TFC), and Structural Sensory Interventions for Children, Adolescents, and Parents (SITCAP), and Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP). The CATT also conducts Trauma and Loss Assessments to evaluate the impact of trauma on an individuals functioning. CATT members are actively involved in various community organizations focused on supporting the needs of trauma survivors such as the Traumatized Child Task Force, Children’s Network of Stark County and the Victim’s Rights Coalition. SEXUALLY INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR REMEDIATION PROGRAM (SIBR) SIBR, in collaboration with the Stark County Family Court, serves youth ages 13-18 who have come to the attention of the court for sexually inappropriate behavior. We offer an empirically-informed, comprehensive risk assessment to identify risk factors, recommend safety protocols and appropriate, individualized courses of treatment; and best practiced-informed group and individual therapy to prevent re-offending and improve functioning in various realms. Youth under the age of 13 can also access specialize services for sexual behavior problems. SIBR also has a prevention component for teens at risk of sexually inappropriate behaviors that have not sexually offended. SIBR is an Ohio Department of Youth Services Certified Treatment Program. PEGASUS COLLABORATION The Pegasus Program is a unique group therapy program at Pegasus Farm, a therapeutic riding center. Youth (ages8-18) learn to ride horses and provide assistance to the farm while working on their therapeutic goals such as improving social skills, confidence, ability to cope with stress, and self esteem. The do this in an environment that captivates the youth’s interest by helping discover, appreciate, and take advantage of their personal strengths and assets such as compassion, responsibility, integrity, and honesty. PARENTING & PREVENTION Parenting Programs include multi-family group therapy and proven behavior management techniques for parents of children with behavior disorders. This program also offers our leading-edge experiential activities to improve family problem-solving and communications. All youth and family have access to C&A’s parenting specialist. Visit A+ Group Services for further information. PEER ADVOCATE SERVICES Child and Adolescent’s Peer Advocates are young adults who have, themselves, been service recipients and who utilize their own life and learning experiences to advocate, role model, and mentor adolescents and young adults in meeting life’s challenges. Program components include: independent living skills groups, teen parent groups, Young Adult Advisory Council (YAAC), resiliency/social/recreational groups, and individual peer support. TRANSITIONAL SERVICES Transitioning from adolescence to adulthood is stressful; and is especially difficult for adolescents and young adults with emotional and behavioral disorders. Our approach and interventions are designed to promote independence and self-sufficiency and to meet needs in ways that are acceptable to the consumer. Our non-threatening, respectful, recovery approach allows our staff to engage this often difficult and resistant population and to help them make progress toward their desired goals. CASE MANAGEMENT Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST) is a rehabilitative service intended to reduce emotional and behavioral symptoms in order to restore the individual’s functioning to the highest level possible. Identifying and utilizing client strengths, employing skill building activities, identifying natural supports, and working with youth/families in their homes, schools, and communities are important components of our successful CPST service. SCHOOL-BASED MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES Positive changes in student’s academic performance and decreases in disciplinary problems have encouraged many schools to integrate our mental health services into their settings. C&A staff provides mental health services in most school districts in Stark County. Districts in Stark County include Canton City Schools, Alliance City Schools, Massillon City Schools and Fairless Local Schools, and Plain Local Schools. CARE TEAM CARE Team is an innovative collaboration involving police officers, mental health clinicians, the court system, and social service agencies to help students and parents in school and community settings. Services include individual and group prevention and interventions, along with resiliency and asset-building activities. EASTERN ALLIANCE STARK TEAM Eastern Alliance Stark Team (EAST) provides comprehensive, community-based services---individual and family counseling, case management, consultation to schools, psychological assessment, group counseling and psychiatric services---for families in Alliance, Louisville, Marlington, and Minerva. A+ GROUP PROGRAMMING Fun, Effective Therapy for Kids and Families PARENTING GROUPS – The Incredible Years is an evidence-based program that provides proven behavior-management techniques for parents of children with behavior disorders. Children can attend a concurrent group of their own, where they learn problem solving and communication skills. ADVENTURE THERAPY GROUPS - C&A offers a wide variety of evidence-supported groups that help youth increase resiliency and gain critical skills to function more effectively. Individual skills are learned and rehearsed as they participate in trust activities, group projects, team challenges and cooperative games. Participants “learn by doing” during interactive sessions that they enjoy attending at several convenient locations across the county. Summer Workshops – Adventure Workshops provide intensive therapy opportunities throughout the summer, when the daily structure of school is no longer available. Supportive, structured rehearsal opportunities improve relationships and skill retention. ADVENTURE CAMPS AND FAMILY CAMPS – We offer both weeklong and weekend Adventure Camp for participants ages 8 to 17 years old. Campers receive all the benefits of a traditional residential camp plus effective therapeutic services.