Who We Are MyTownUSA is a 21st century marketing company providing support for both businesses and consumers. We use the latest and most effective tools to save the “on the go family” money and time, connecting small businesses and consumers. Our user friendly website, phone apps, and strategic interfacing with social media (like Facebook) help consumers find the services and products they are looking for, and at a good price! Businesses will love our innovative website features, as it is easy to sign up and navigate our site. Each business can customize their product and service listings that are featured in our- my specials , my deals , my spotlight – at any day and time that’s convenient for the merchant. MyTownUSA simply makes it easier for consumers to save money, finding the products and services they need; while allowing small businesses to use the most effective and affordable advertising medians available as they build a stronger customer base. Additionally, we offer low cost website design and development services to help consumers find you. MyTownUSA is your total Internet marketing solution. *to find out more about our Web building services call or email, click on “Contact Us” Our Story In the early fall of 2014, My Town founder David “Chase” Highley-like most recent grads, and newly married to boot- was looking for ways to “stretch a dollar” in his hometown of Morganton, North Carolina. He noticed right off that his town (as well as most others for that matter) was sorely lacking in consumer and business friendly web based marketing venues, which would effectively help him find the good local deals he was looking for. This revelation, born out of frustration, has led Chase and his team on a relentless quest to create a place where one day, with just a click or a tap, every consumer in America can find the best services and products that there town has to offer. We hope that whether you are a consumer or a small business owner, that you will spend a little time and check out our site, to discover all the ways we are helping people “stretch their dollars” while supporting your local businesses and greater community.


Find local deals, attractions, getaways, & more specifically for Hickory, North Carolina