Prepped 4 Life

Prepped4Life is Cleveland's premier meal prep company, locally-owned and operated by award-winning chefs Geoff Thomas and Jameel Chambers. The Prepped4Life meal is freshly prepared each week, and they contain no preservatives, low- to no sodium, low fat, and have no high glycemic carbohydrates. All of the meals are microwavable, and the provided containers are both microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Plus, the Prepped4Life meal is prepared, cooked and packaged by trained chefs. Our trained and certified chefs observe the highest food safety guidelines. Proper handling of your food during cooking can significantly prolong the life of the food in your refrigerator. Meals can be conveniently picked up on Sunday and/or Wednesday at our South Euclid location, or delivery can be provided for a small fee. Call us to learn more.