9Beach Miami

What could possibly be food & drinks? but also a thriving night-life atmosphere And a successful restaurant chain that combines design, music , and food together. 9Beach, known for its laid-back vibes, tribal decor (marked by rock band lyrics and Tibetan hand-crafted wood work) and beautiful waitstaff (tanned, bubbly and down to party) The menu at 9 Beach which caters to more pan-Asian, is a mix of tried-and-true staples, but the real stunner is a sushi boat that is as tasty in its offering as its presenta-tion. Dig into a varied selection of rolls, from tempura-dipped triangle sandwiches to thick cuts of tuna and salmon sashimi. The noodle soup is also a win- ner, with a huge kick of flavor, seaweed, tofu and veggies. Sit back in one of the raised four-top booths, perched over the goings-on of the restaurant and revel in the finely detailed atmosphere, as is at all of the 9 Beaches across the world, you can almost imagine being in some remote, beautiful location any - where in the world –