The Engineers for a Sustainable World-University of Texas at Austin Chapter

Our Chapter  We strive to promote sustainability in our university community in two ways mainly: non-technical events and technical projects. Our members, engineers and non-engineers, characterize themselves by being an active group of action makers. ESW members are empowered to participate in technical projects at any given time, like our campus-wide recycling program or the installation of a 230 watt solar panel for a high school. We regularly attend and attend various events around campus, like the SEC E-Waste Drive. We strive to provide any student with a framework to pursue their sustainable goals, while being part of a dedicated and life changing team!  Our Vision  A world in which engineering fosters environmental, social, and economic sustainability to improve both the quality of life and the condition of our planet. Be sure to join our Facebook Group (ESW-UT) if you are interested in becoming more involved as a member and want to know about events and volunteer opportunities!