Daniel Canales - Real Estate Investments

As an Acquisition Associate for NetWorth Reatly, Daniel Canales works with investors that want to buy property, realtors, bank agents, hard money lender, contractors, title guys, estate lawyers, homeowners, and anyone else involved in the Austin real estate market. He has about 15-20 different avenues through which clients are able to acquire their properties (most of which are not from MLS) at $.50 on the dollar while maintaining 30% instant equity after rehab. Rather than a percentage Daniel can get you in at a flat wholesale fee. He is also able to provide contractors bids for each property they represent, he provides realtors the comparative market analysis they need, and private funding is available for any property. If you are a real estate buyer or professional, don't hesitate to contact Daniel at (512) 763-5474 to start planning for your investment today.