Nexus Academy of Cleveland

Nexus Academy of Cleveland is a tuition-free college preparatory education for 21st century learners. Nexus Academy brings together the best of both classroom and online learning. Every Nexus Academy campus is limited to 250-300 students, and features award-winning curriculum, leading-edge technology and highly experienced, certified teachers all backed by the multi-billion dollar education leader, Pearson Education. Each Nexus Academy school includes learning labs, a café, common areas for collaborative work and socialization, and an exercise studio outfitted with a full-time certified personal trainer. Students develop strong organizational skills, communication skills, leadership skills—the exact skills that are critical for success in college and beyond! Students who enroll at Nexus Academy will be provided with a laptop computer that they can use and take with them to complete school work at school and at home. Nexus Academy of Cleveland is part of the Connections Education Family! Connections Education is a leading, fully accredited provider of high-quality, highly accountable online and blended (combined online and face-to-face) education solutions for students in grades K-12." Since 2001, the company’s Connections Academy division has delivered individualized learning to students through virtual public schools such as Ohio Connections Academy, Michigan Connections Academy and National Connections Academy, our private online academy. Connections Education is accredited by AdvancED and is committed to expanding quality education through technology and helping students achieve both academic and personal success. Connections Education is part of the global learning company Pearson (NYSE:PSO). __________________________________________ PLEASE READ - Engagement Guidelines for the Nexus Academy Facebook Page – Thank you for visiting the Nexus Academy Facebook page. To help us maintain an open, helpful, and engaging community experience, please read the guidelines below and abide by them during your visits. – Nexus Academy adheres to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (, and expects all Facebook users to do the same. Accordingly, please do not "post unauthorized commercial solicitations"; "bully, intimidate, or harass any user"; "post content that is hateful, threatening, pornographic, or that contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence"; or "do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory" on the Nexus Academy Page. – In addition, Nexus Academy reserves the right to remove comments that: contain commercial solicitations; are factually erroneous/libelous; protected; that cannot be translated into English by Google Translate or other free online translation software; that direct users to an unofficial Nexus Academy Facebook page or group related to Nexus Academy; or that otherwise violate Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and the Ohio Connections Academy Website Terms of Use ( and Connexus® Terms of Use ( Nexus Academy encourages all users to utilize the report links made available by Facebook when finding inappropriate or abusive content. – To protect the privacy and safety of our students, Nexus Academy will not use this Page to provide school communications. Time sensitive issues and student specific communications should be delivered via a closed, secure system such as those provided through Connexus®, the Nexus Academy education management system or by calling Nexus Academy directly at 888-533-6360. – Disclaimer: Any views or opinions presented in the user-contributed content in the Nexus Academy Facebook page are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Nexus Academy.