TCBY Parkside Village

TCBY was born from a discovery that nutritious and healthy frozen yogurt could also be unbelievably healthy and delicious. TCBY is home for producing smiles and memories for people across the world. Quick Facts: •TCBY has long been the leader in the industry by focusing on the quality of our yogurt •TCBY offers three types of yogurt: low-fat, non-fat and non-fat/no sugar added •There is also a non-dairy sorbet option •TCBY was the first company to offer a Super Fro-Yo which includes protein, fiber, vitamin D and calcium •The ingredients in Super Fro-Yo may promote digestive health and may boost your immune system •TCBY was also the first to offer Greek yogurt •Our Greek Honey Vanilla yogurt is a Super Fro-Yo with double the protein •TCBY yogurt contains 7 live active cultures also known as probiotics. Most of our competitors use only 5. Probiotics are promoted as helping digestive health. Talking Points: •“We offer great-tasting, real dairy yogurt with a bunch of good-for-you benefits.” •“Our yogurt has 7 live active cultures in it which is more than most of our competition. Live active cultures are also known as probiotics. Probiotics may help promote digestive health.” •“We offer 4 amazing and different options in our store: low-fat, non-fat, non-fat/no sugar added, and a non-dairy sorbet.” •“TCBY was the first to offer Super Fro-Yo. Super Fro-Yo includes protein, fiber, vitamin D, calcium and may boost your immune system.” •“Greek yogurt is very popular because of the additional protein it contains. Many people choose this as a meal replacement because of the protein and nutrients. TCBY’s Honey Vanilla Greek yogurt not only contains the additional protein, it is also a Super Fro-Yo.”


A fun tasty healthier alternative to ice cream!!! Come get some of the Country's Best Yogurt!

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