Green is the New Black - HT

Green is the New Black is a student organization at Huston-Tillotson University (Austin, Texas) that is driving the Dumpster Project. GitNB’s vision is fostering new shades of green as the roots of our future. GitNB is focused on transforming the green conversation within the Black and Hispanic communities through innovative ideas like The Dumpster Project. The Dumpster Project is a year long project in which the dean of our university, Jeff Wilson or "Professor Dumpster" will transform from a barely habitable garbage container to a sustainable house and interactive teaching lab. PROFESSOR DUMPSTER WILL BE LIVING IN THIS DUMPSTER (on campus) FOR A YEAR. The project's goal is not only to raise awareness on the message of "Less is More" but to answer the question, “Can you have a pretty good life living in one percent the size of the average new American home on one percent the water and one percent the energy, with one percent the waste?” The project plans include three phases for the dumpster which will rely on student involvement from the elementary school level through college. We will propose different solutions. Like, How will Professor Wilson shower? What to do to stay warm on those cold nights? How can we come up with a mechanism for a shower in the dumper? GitNB won first place and $75,000 at the Ford Foundation’s Historically Black College and University (HBCU) Community Challenge in late 2013.