Austin Pets Alive Long Stay Dogs

Prior to 2008 when APA! started rescuing and adopting cats and dogs, 50%, or 14,000 of the animals entering the city’s shelter were euthanized. APA! examined the gaps in existing lifesaving efforts and found there were groups of animals for which life-saving programs did not exist. APA! created programs targeting the groups of animals facing certain euthanasia. These programs lead to a measurable impact on the community’s save rate – and Austin’s status as the largest No-Kill City in the Nation. Hundreds of extremely dedicated volunteers donate their skills, expertise, and love to APA! – to the tune of more than 2,000 hours EACH WEEK or the equivalent of 50 full-time staff members. According to the current valuation of volunteer time of $22.14 per hour (2012), determined annually by the Independent Sector, APA! volunteers contributed $2,334,109 during 2013. Our largest program is Adoptions because no matter which program a life needed to be saved, they all have to find permanent homes. Our goal is to have a state of the art adoption center that incorporates cutting edge marketing methods to facilitate the movement of pets into those homes. The Austin Pets Alive! Dog Behavior Program will provide the dogs in our care all available resources to enhance their quality of life and save as many lives as possible. We recognize, respect, and treat each animal as an individual. We utilize all tools and techniques in our programs to teach and support healthy, appropriate behavior to companion dogs within our community. We support our adopters in strengthening and nourishing their bond with their companion. We share our program successes with other animal welfare organizations to support life-saving efforts beyond our own shelter and community. With the support of Best Friends Animal Society, Austin Pets Alive! began training adoptable dogs to pass the Canine Good Citizen, an obedience test designed by the American Kennel Club. These obedience tests consists of ten different real-world scenarios that demonstrate solid obedience training and general reliability. Dogs are tested by an AKC evaluator after a period of training, and after passing the ten tests they are eligible for the title of ‘CGC Ready.’ Once they achieve ‘CGC Ready,’ they have demonstrated when partnered with a responsible person, he or she possesses all the qualities of a well-trained and reliable pet. Through these innovative programs Austin has become the largest No-Kill city in the United States. Since our inception, we have found that almost every large city in the US has the same gaps as existed in Austin in 2008. We are now a model for communities nationwide, and through our American Pets Alive! program we train other communities on how to create and manage the same lifesaving programs so that ultimately no pets have to die unnecessarily in America.


This page is dedicated to all of our amazing dogs that have been with us for 300+ days and are still waiting for their forever home. They are looking for love, ready for a family.

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