Larchmere Fire Works

Glassblowing and blacksmithing are timeless art techniques that we won’t let become just a part of history. Larchmere Fire Works is open to the public as a hands on studio for glassblowing and blacksmithing. Our establishment is dedicated to the Larchmere community adding to its growth of being a thriving art and antique district in Cleveland. We offer classes making them a fun experience for students and customers to engage in a time honored art. We involve people in the process and welcome questions during classes and demonstrations. We want people to return with family and friends to share their experiences and tell the community and world about it. We aren't just about making a sale, we want to create memories to last a lifetime. We will teach anyone that no matter what level of skill you have, you can make a usable item. While adding education to the Larchmere community we don't want to leave anyone out of learning a hands on art. Our long term goals as a growing business are to incorporate field trips for children from the inner city and the surrounding suburbs. And who knows maybe our studio may be the inspiration to the next wave of young artists to emerge?


We offer hands on glassblowing and blacksmithing classes at our home studio on Larchmere. We also have a mobile glassblowing unit that we can bring to any event! July-August, we do demonstrations and classes at The Great Lakes Medieval Faire.

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