The Old Paths Publications

1. We assist authors to publish books that are doctrinally sound. 2. Many authors have no idea how to format their books. We assist them. We can also assist with editing a book. 3. We have entered into ebook publishing to assist author's to distribute their works through this rapidly growing industry in the three popular formats: mobi (Kindle, one of the most popular), epub (iPAD, androids, tablets), and pdf (many devices. There are now many apps for computers, such as the "Kindle for pc" or "Kindle for mac," as well as apps for the iPAD and other devices for pdfs, mobi, etc. 4. We use print-on-demand to cut the upfront costs of publishing an author's book. Many manuscripts are sitting on a shelf because of "dollar" concerns. 5. We design covers for an author's book, but the final decision on a book cover is the authors. 6. Storage of many books often leads to damage by water, mildew, insects, aging of materials, fire, etc. With print-on-demand, this GREAT problem is reduced. 7. We can drop-ship orders of three or more books for authors. For less, a customer can obtain the books on Amazon or Barnes & Noble easily. 8. We list an author's book on Amazon, worldwide, Barnes and Noble, and make it available to other distributors (about 40). 9. Our printers have 'shops' in the U.S., England, and Australia. They are working on affiliates in other areas of the world. 10. We help authors with their Headers, Headings, Footers, Table of Contents, Index, Copyright Page, About the Author, size of book, cover design, shipping, etc. 11. We remove the worry for authors about shipping their books. 12. We remove employ concerns, injury concerns, dealing with customer concerns, and many similar aspects. 13. Publishing books in defense of the Bible is sorely needed. Let us help you.