The Garden

WELCOME! We are a group of local people working to take sustainable action. We seek to unite and empower our community by working together to grow healthy organic food. At 130 Sunrise Dr in Brentwood, CA we will be constructing a safe, sustainable and highly functional food cultivation system. We have received a donation of one 10,000 Sq Ft lot with accessible well from the non-profit Giant Steps. By creating this community garden together we will reduce our carbon footprint, restore organic matter to the deteriorating the soil of the earth, recycle waste that would have instead gone to landfills, and generate awareness about the importance of more sustainable action. We are beginning our Community Garden Committee Meeting Saturdays @ 6:00pm inside the house directly next to our garden plot. We plan on having meetings every saturday at this time unless another time works better for the majority of volunteers. There will also be days and times chosen at our meetings to have work days during the week and or weekend that will be posted on our Facebook page and sent out to everyone on our contact list. We will begin to design our garden as well as organize how we will maintain it. The success of this powerful action will be determined primarily by how well we can work together! Meaning that the only way we can do this is through working together respectfully and with one common goal in mind. To raise a sustainable garden that will help create a greener and healthier planet for ours and future generations. We have considered many things to do with the organic food we intend to grow. Some general ideas are to, hold free community meals, dispensing food to families in need, selling the food in order to raise funding for more community gardens. Please use this as a forum for questions and ideas pertaining to our urban horticulture garden.