The Biscuit Brothers Fine Arts Farm

Jerome Schoolar, co-creator and producer of the Emmy Award winning PBS show "The Biscuit Brothers", has opened “The Biscuit Brothers Fine Arts Farm” in South Austin that is designed to provide music and arts education to the entire community. The facility includes concert and theatre space an art studio a dance studio, private lesson rooms… all with plenty of Magical Musical Farm décor. “I wanted to create a space where we can entertain and educate kids and families of all ages in all sorts of ways,” said Schoolar, who plays Dusty on the show and has served as a City of Austin Fine Arts Coordinator for Children. “The vision includes regular classes, special concerts, theatrical guests, and more, with much of it low-cost or even free to Title 1 AISD schools and other at-risk members of our community.” Schoolar points to multiple studies on both the national and local scale that highlight the importance of Fine Arts training in education. “There's ample evidence showing that children who are actively involved in Fine Arts Education are smarter, healthier, and happier, and that exposure needs to begin as early as possible with reliable consistency."