Whitetail Acres

***Welcome to Whitetail Acres*** This my home and hunting place where I also teach the needed NRA Basic Pistol Course needed to obtain your Ohio Conceal Carry Permit. I have over 40 years of handling and shooting a lot of different firearms. I do 1 day classes mostly and private classes for 10 people or more. Fee is $105 total ($100 class & $5 range fee), the class is held at Geneva Rod & Gun Club wich is only 2 miles from my home listed, very soon the class will be at my home after I install a shooting range. All the deer on the property are wild deer and not fenced in any way, free range is all I hunt and all the bucks pictured are free range kills and Ohio bucks from my area.


Whitetail Acres CCW Class Shed Dog Training We are not a hunting guide service, hopefully one day. My family and friends hunting adventures on my property.

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