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Техасская Академия Гиревого Спорта. The Texas Kettlebell Academy in Austin TX, is a high-level, Kettlebell training facility, specializing in training for Kettlebell Sport competition, Circular Strength Training and full body health and wellness. TXKB offers one-on-one instruction and small group programs to help individuals of all fitness and skill levels achieve increased strength, mobility, and endurance. The Texas Kettlebell Academy is home to a kettlebell sport competition team, giving athletes of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to train for results and recognition. Right and wrong. Soft and hard style. Old and new. These are simplistic binary views, that add no value to Kettlebell Sport. There are many ways to perform each sport lift, and all strive for maximum efficiency and fluidity. TXKB is the Texas Kettlebell Academy, for a reason. We strive to learn all methods, and apply the technique that makes sense to each individual lifter, at that moment. Progress and achievement in Kettlebell Sport is a journey, not one set of skills acquired. As coaches and teachers, Vyvial and Gorman make it their purpose to continually broaden and deepen their understanding of the most healthful and efficient way to move weight through space for extended periods of time. As students and athletes with hungry minds, we have had the good fortune to learn from and spend extended periods of time with some of the most celebrated and talented kettlebell sport professionals of our time. Some of these friends, mentors and coaches that have influenced the way we understand movement and Girevoy Sport (Kettlebell Sport) are listed below. • Sergey Mishin HMS, MSIC • Sergey Rachinskiy HMS, HCR, MSIC • Sergey Merkulin HMS, MSIC • Ivan Denisov MSWC • Denis Vasilev MSIC • Aleksander Khvostov MSIC • Igor Morozov MSIC • Yevgeniy Goncharov MSWC • Ksenia Dedukhina MSIC • Serhiy Hetmanenko HCU, MS • Sergei Rudnev MSIC • Valery Fedorenko HMS, MSWC • Arseny Zhernakov HMS, PHD • Svitlana Krechyk MSWC These are the people that we draw our programming, technique and method from. Certifications (Past and Current): KetAcademy Master Coach (lv 1,2,and 3) MKST-L1: Modern Kettlebell Sport Trainer OKC: level 1 RGSI-L3 Coach: Russian Girevoy Sport Institute AKA/IUKL Coach: American Kettlebell Alliance IKFF CTC 1&2: International Kettlebell Fitness Federation IKLF State Director/Cert instructor: International Kettlebell Lifting Federation (former) USAKL/Bolt State Director: United States America Kettlebell Lifting (former) Renegade Training: Strength and Conditioning Coach CST: Circular Strength Training (2005) KBNY HIKF Trainer: High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness