MODGY: Imagine having several beautiful vases in your home that you can fold up and put in a kitchen drawer. Or bringing an unbreakable vase with flowers to a friend in the hospital who, when going home, can fold it up and take it along. That’s the Modgy expandable vase. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards, the Modgy vase is made of layers of polymers with the print trapped between the layers. The result is a thin but strong, flexible, expandable transparent, glossy vase that won’t chip, scratch, break or fade. ___________ MODGY LUMINARIES: The soft glow of candles are the key to perfect atmosphere -- a wedding, a barbecue or a romantic night in the boudoir or bathtub. But if you live with dogs, children, the elderly or clumsy people, you're aware that preventing accidental fires requires constant supervision, and that takes a lot of the charm out of open flames. Luckily, we here at Modgy have created Expandalbe Luminaries so everyone everyone relax and enjoy the light! Modgy Luminarie are made with innovative LED technology and the same layered polymer containers we use in our vases. Aadorned with sleek, modern graphics. Fill the luminary with water and drop in the water-activated LED light and enjoy the flickering lights without the risks and worries of an open flame. _____ MODGY EXPANDABLE DOG BOWLS: Ever taken your dog along on a long walk, hike, or bike ride only to you realize you didn’t bring any water for your dear pooch? (We've never done that; that would be terrible.) But for people who have had that experience we proudly present H2Fido, a sleek new take on the travelling hydration system for your dog on the go. We have incorporated cool modern graphics with innovative designs to give you an unparalleled system that is great to look at but more importantly, keep your dog healthy and happy…..because there isn’t always going to be a toilet to drink out of. ___________ What is MODGY? When we were searching for a company name we asked ourselves, and branding experts, what do we want to convey to the public? After much debate, we settled on nothing, and fired the branding experts. So we started again and realized that what we want to give the world: smart everyday products, but with modern designs and edgy artwork. So we boiled the equation down to this: MODern + eDGY + Design = MODGY (Why only one “D” you ask? Because three looked dumb and it isn’t an actual equation. So we combined them into one mega “D” with lightning) We hope you enjoy!


Modgy = Modern edgy design. Chic vases & luminaries | Innovative dog hydration | All our products are collapsible, expandable & unbreakable | Great for apartment life, traveling, living simply and simply living.

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