Ancient Gold Coins

Ancient coins have a fascinating story and not only were used as currency, but as propaganda to broadcast messages across thousands of miles and diverse cultures. Since their primary intention was to facilitate commerce, most were used on a daily basis, hence worn down or lost forever. As a result of their extensive circulation, the great majority of survivors encountered today are heavily worn or corroded. You will only find the finest examples in the inventory at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion, those that have been certified authentic by NGC and possess an extraordinary level of eye appeal, quality and value. If you are drawn to these magical Ancient coins of our storied past and want to find out more, talk to one of our Ancient coin specialist at Ancient Gold Coins, a division of Austin Rare Coins, Inc., Monday through Friday 9am to 9pm, at 1-800-668-9419.


Certified Ancient Gold Coins and Ancient Silver Coins for sale from the Greek and Roman Empires, including some of the first ancient coins ever struck.

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