Hi, I'am FrankVphysique, providing you with neuro-based functional training proven to promote healthy muscle fiber activation as I teach you how to muscle integrate your training in a no nonsense approach. The meal/exercise prescribed will build muscle and shred ridiculous amount of fat in a short period of time. Not only can say this as a trainer. I walk the walk as one. You see 6 years ago I was struggling at weight close to 300lbs with no real answers and no where to go. But by my persistence, dedication and approach took me far like no other. I educated myself day and night, taking my body to new limits. Proving to myself that aesthetically changing your body it is not achieved by the latest fad nor gimmick but by science and physics. To transform your own body you don't have to train long in a gym, as a matter of fact you don't even need equipment. Cause I will teach you how to train anywhere without it. But I will tell you this. To get results you do need to train hard cause you can't do both. I will guide you your training and nutrition through proven strategy that will work best for you and your level of fitness. Together with a plan of action I will never over promise but I will always under deliver. When you decide to start training. I will give you a blueprint on how to properly deplete and re-feed/cheat day, after seven days if needed,,,preserving much valued lean muscle tissue and resetting your metabolic triggers. See for yourself what a difference once you reset your fat burning hormones like leptin, T3 and T4, how effective your body becomes in burning through foods and sugars as your primary energy source, as you start making fat your go to source for fuel.


High intensity physical fitness training, essential in creating E.P.O.C (excess post oxygen consumption).The after burn effect lasting 48-72hr post workout

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