Ifoma Genevieve

Ifoma, (EE-fom-ahh), is no stranger to adversity, struggle, and hardships with health, wellness, fitness, and living her best, authentic, shiny life. It was through her greatest pains, that she decided to take responsibility for herself and stop making excuses as to why she was feeling so horrible. This prompted her to start her holistic healing journey and schooling, back in 2012. She's used energy medicine, shadow work, food, and yoga as a tool back to whole health and subsequently has attained multiple degrees in the areas that have helped her heal the most. Ifoma is a healer and an advocate and activist for living one's best life. She's passionate about teaching others how to step into their greatness by learning how to heal from energetic traumas and past hurts, detoxing from the pressures society places on us, and learning to support our new high vibes with living and eating a vibrant and whole-food lifestyle. Ifoma wants to help you kill the diet mentality and make friends with yourself and food. She holds multiple accreditations as a Holistic Health Practitioner and has transformed her life and thousands of others with her inspiring influence. Ifoma is also a master at energy healing with training in various modalities, (akashic records, reiki master/teacher, tarot to name a few), and a certified yoga teacher. Ifoma is a natural at providing support and counsel and will be your personal cheerleader on your path to a holistically free lifestyle. She blogs all about this magic over on her YouTube channel, ( and her website, Make sure to subscribe and join the family! <3 Be you. The world needs your magic and will adjust to who you are. Shop My Holistic Life!!